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Be Well (Beauty & Wellness) with DonnyElle This signature program is individually customized to help any woman feel more beautiful in 11 weeks through intensive beauty and wellness activities. This program is designed to fit your real life now as you work to build your confidence and subsequently create a more beautiful life.

Participants will benefit from intensive one-to-one coaching, professional support and a complete and total inner and outer makeover experience and photo shoot.

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S|Momma – This program is for SMommas only. A SMomma is a Super (Single) Momma! We all know that moms are superheroes. Well, single moms are the sheroes to the superheroes. Unfortunately, many of these incredible women are running on empty and falling prey to the joy-robbing SMomma kryptonite, Overwhelm.

In this 7 week program, participants learn how to find beautiful balance through coaching, ongoing support, camaraderie and mastery of single mom magic! After program completion, participants become lifelong members of the SMomma sisterhood to continue supporting each other and fostering friendships with other Super Moms.

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Ladylike – This is not your grandmother’s social club! More support group for Vintage-Enthusiasts than course or workshop, our diverse and beautifully eclectic members revel in the lost arts of femininity. Join a “not-so-secret” society of sassy ladies who enjoy delightfully delicate debauchery through small-group activities, lessons and offerings¬†such as:

  • Cooking & baking – The way to most of our hearts is through our stomachs!
  • Creating craft cocktails – The perfect nightcap is often the start of the perfect night!
  • Tea parties, brunches, cocktail dinners, & wine tastings – Every lady loves to dish the tea with girls over goodies!
  • Gardening, sewing, & crafting – There is no joy like that of growing and making your own treats and trinkets!
  • Personal safety – Don’t mess with a lady armed with her Betsy, bullets and besties!
  • Tantalizing your honey at home – Burlesque basics and sensual dance… That’s all we’ll say, though, because a lady never tells.
  • Housekeeping, etiquette, and much more!

Members of this on-going program benefit from one (1) monthly activity at no additional cost, additional activities at discounted fee, private on-line community access and many more surprises! Currently available only in Atlanta. Coming soon to additional select cities.

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