DonnyElle, The Beauty Coach, is boutique lifestyle consulting specifically tailored to: 

  • Women needing support in overcoming low self-esteem
  • Women desiring more self-confidence
  • Women feeling overwhelmed and out of balance
  • Women feeling detached from their femininity
  • Women wanting to feel more beautiful
  • Women looking to go from surviving to thriving
  • Single moms seeking balance and relief from overwhelm
  • Women determined to feel passionate about life again

DonnyElle is a happy, confident woman who became so intentionally and finds purpose and joy in helping other women do the same. She believes that the key to a better world begins with happy, confident women and girls.

Her educational background is in Psychology and Sociology. DonnyElle is also a trained, certified, and licensed Aesthetician (skincare professional), makeup artist and fitness instructor. Her professional experience is in education, youth development, and aesthetics (beauty and skincare.)

DonnyElle, The Beauty Coach – Programs, workshops and whatnot for the woman who wants to feel more beautiful.

“It is my duty to help you feel like a beauty!”- DonnyElle

DonnyElle provides coaching to adult women through programs such as:

  • Be Well with DonnyElle – This signature program is individually customized to help any woman feel more beautiful in 11 weeks through intensive beauty and wellness activities. This program is designed to fit your real life now as you work to build your confidence to create a more beautiful personal future. 
  • S|Momma – A SMomma is a Super (Single) Momma! Moms are superheroes. Single moms are the superheroes’ heroes. Participants learn how to find beautiful balance in 7 weeks.
  • Ladylike – This is not your grandmother’s social club! More support group for Vintage-Enthusiasts than course or workshop, our beautiful and eclectic members revel in the lost arts of femininity. Join a “not-so-secret” society of sassy ladies who enjoy delightfully delicate debauchery through small-group activities and offerings.
  • Programs, workshops and courses are added by availability and popular demand. Click HERE to learn more about our current programs and offerings.

DonnyElle’s work in mentoring girls (ages 12-18) is through an innovative, beauty-focused program and organization called Glitz and Grace (Inner) Beauty School for Girls, Inc. Click the link for more info, to volunteer, donate, and/or enroll your beautiful girls.